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Money money money – what was most popular on Job Board Doctor in 2011

money money moneyMoney money money – maybe I should call one of my posts that, eh? Once a week (more or less), I sit down and write about the job board and online recruiting industry. Some of these posts are more popular than others (and honestly, some are complete duds). As it’s almost the end of the year, I though you might find it interesting to see which posts my readers turned to most often in 2011. So, in reverse order, here are the most-read posts of 2011:

10) 2011 Online Recruiting Survey Results: Change…and no change: In which we learned that everyone is still looking for high quality candidates.

9) A tour of new, unusual, and interesting job sites (that may or may not be job boards): There are tens of thousands of job boards, but these were just a bit out of the ordinary.

8 ) Did LinkedIn hijack the resume database? And what should job boards do?: LinkedIn, the job board that says it isn’t, dug into a critical piece of the job board industry’s revenue.

7) Indeed, customer service, and job boards: a cautionary tale: The first rumblings in 2011 that Indeed was moving into job board territory.

6) 3 great ideas to steal for your job board: Sometimes, stealing ideas is just a great way to grow.

5) Mobile apps for job boards: a scorecard for job seekers: Mobile continued to grow in 2011 – but mobile job search apps lagged, in my opinion.

4) Indeed: the elephant in the room – or just the same old friendly puppy?: Another post about Indeed and its move to add resumes.

3) Job board industry predictions for 2011: Some of these prediction were actually correct.

2) Are you awake? Lots of changes in the online recruiting world!: Social startups, VC money, and peer-reviewed candidates, among others.

1) It’s all mobile: Results from the 2011 mobile recruiting survey: Mobile was big in 2011 – and this data confirmed it.

Money money money, indeed!

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