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What problem does your job board solve?

Everyone has problems. Some are big, some are small, but at any given moment, a particular problem can seem overwhelming and incapable of being solved.

If your site can solve someone’s problem, you become a lifesaver in their eyes. This no doubt seems incredibly obvious – but in the midst of day-to-day business, this ‘obvious’ statement can get lost.

Ask yourself: What problem does your job board solve? (And for whom?)

For example: Does your site make it easier for a job seeker to actually find and land a job? How? Don’t go easy on yourself – is it easier for them to go directly to employer career sites and apply there? Does your apply process add more pain to the application process? Do you give your job seekers easy and obvious tools to narrow down their choices? Do you give them tools to decide they’re actually qualified to apply for a particular job?

Another example: What are your employers’ real problems? (A recent survey indicates it is lack of qualified applicants – not quantity). Do you have tools in place to solve the problems? Do you screen job seekers? Provide detailed skill and ‘fit’ information? Integrate painlessly into the employer’s ATS or career site? Give them opportunities for branding and social media?

Simple stuff, yes – but powerful, too. It’s important to cut away the bells and whistles occasionally and look hard at the core functions.

What problem does your job board solve?

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