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And the winner is…

makeoverA few weeks back I offered to provide 6 hours of free consulting to one lucky job site. I called it the “Extreme Job Board Makeover.” Why? Well, because the job board industry has been very good to me over the years – and we’ve suffered during the recession.

The rules? The job board had to perform a valuable, recognized service for its audience – one that the board could document through testimonials from job seekers and employers; and the site had to show that it suffered a significant decline in revenue sometime during the past 24 months.

As you might guess, there were plenty of worthy entries. Large sites, small sites, and in-between sites all took part. It was tough to narrow the choice down to one job board – but I did.

The winner of the Extreme Job Board Makeover is…


As you might guess from the name, FortBendJobs is a geographically focused site, centered on the area around Houston.  The site has been in operation since 2000.  “I’m thrilled that has been selected for the extreme job board makeover,” said Kelley Smith, owner. ” We look forward to benefiting from your expertise and thank you!”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Extreme Job Board Makeover!

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