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Know a site that needs an extreme job board makeover?

The formula for the extremely popular reality series “Extreme Home Makeover” is simple and compelling: find a family (or sometimes an individual) who have done good works in their community but have been beaten up by bad luck luck; add the Extreme Home Makeover crew and local supporters; create a new home for the family. All in the space of 7 days.

So why can’t we apply that to the job board world? Well, in fact, we can. I don’t have the resources (or sex appeal) of Ty, but I do know a lot about what makes a job board tick – and I’m willing to give 6 hours of my experience and insight to a deserving job board. In 7 days or less. Here are the rules:

  1. The job board must perform a valuable, recognized service for its audience – one that the board can document through testimonials from job seekers and employers.
  2. The job board must show that it suffered a significant decline in revenue sometime during the past 24 months.

You can nominate your own board. You can nominate someone else’s board. But you need to get your nominations in by April 30th.

I reserve the right to choose more than one board – or none at all. But I promise that the board(s) I do pick will get every ounce of my strategic, marketing, sales, and technical experience, including a detailed report filled with pages of recommendations and advice.

How do you nominate? Use my handy dandy contact form! But remember – the nomination deadline is April 30th!

Now excuse me while I get my Sawzall warmed up….

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