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Cool job sites

Cool – now what is that, exactly? To me, it means unusual (in a good way), well designed, and ‘of a piece’. In other words, if it’s different and hangs together, or approaches the job board paradigm in a different, effective way, it’s cool!

So here are a few job sites I think are cool:


Not surprisingly, by and for designers. Nice, simple design + a specific feature for its audience (creative portfolio) = cool. (URL:


AuthenticJobs: A site for web designers and creative types. Good design + open API + owner who invites collaboration = cool. (URL:

Work in Sports

WorkinSports: A site for interns thru middle management positions in the sports world. Unusual in the niche world – candidates pay, not employers. Distributed revenue stream + clean design = cool. (URL:

How about it? Do you have any nominations for a cool job site?

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  1. Please take a look at We launched in late January and are running in beta.

    We combine a clean interface with rich filtering and research tools. An example of a search would be accounting in What and New York, NY in the Where on the home page. Check out the filters on the left and the quick links.

    Hope you enjoy.

  2. I think is a cool job site. Simple easy to use design that looks great. Plus its easy to create a custom rss feed.

  3. Thanks for all the great info, you have compile for us, great tips!.

    Take a look at 100% free Job search and profile creation for Professional Job Seekers. Started as a project last year from ideas and tools I used while as I was working as an Executive Recruiter.

    With a focus on Professionals and High End Jobs, I try to keep the database for experienced professional only.

    James B.

  4. I think this is a cool site its an Australian IT Jobs Site. it uses the power of twitter, facebook, linkedin, twitterjobsearch, simplyhired. Its Also free to post and were looking into more features aimed at making the job finding process simplier and smarter

  5. Great call on the website. I have used it several times over the past 6 years and have had great success. I actually got my first internship using their services and then just last year got a full time job as an account executive with an NBA team. I also met one of the owners at a sports conference and he was very helpful and supportive.

  6. Very nice list! We are proud to be part of the conversation. We have been helping job seekers for over 10 years now but it is always great to hear positive feedback. -Thanks again from the Work In Sports Team

  7. Enjoyed your list as well. Recommend you visit, by far the biggest (and best) job board for food & beverage manufacturing. We have world-class SEO, a beautifully designed backend and platform, an identifiable and industry branded product and have stayed ahead of the curve regarding trends, developments, navigation, etc.

  8. I’ve always thought that the Internet would be better served using a “Word of Mouth” recommendation recruitment service, rather than the current self application one. For instance, if you could look at a list of candidates and see that 50 people in the same field feel that they would be perfectly suited to an advertised postition it must be more valuable to an employer than another 5’000 CV’s dropping in their laps.

    Just a Thought

    Phil 🙂

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