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Is your job board mobile?

Although I’m a bit skeptical of Google’s recent prediction of the imminent death of the desktop, it is true that more and more people are using their mobile devices as some form of a portable computer – for proof, just think of the number of times you’ve watched someone gamely try to type on their Blackberry or iPhone. It’s funny – but if your choice is writing on paper (horrors!) or entering your thoughts into your phone, there’s really no choice.

So where is your job board? Do you have a mobile version – and if not, is one in the works? I hope so – for example, over 30% of mobile device users are already using Twitter, Facebook, and the like on the go. With the advent of Twitter-centric job sites like TweetMyJobs, the pressure from job seekers will only continue to mount for mobile versions of their favorite job boards.

What comprises a good mobile interface? Simplicity and ease of use, focus on the most used functions, and compatibility on the most popular mobile platforms. It never hurts to ask your users what functions they would like to use on their mobile devices. And don’t forget to make the interaction between the mobile site and your regular web site seamless and painless.

Curious to see what your site looks like on a typical phone now? Well, you could dial yourself up, I suppose – but these sites are more fun!

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