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Good ideas: how job seekers would make job boards better

I recently had the privilege of hosting #HFChat - the HireFriday Tweet-fest organized by @HRMargo and @CyndyTrivella.  HireFriday is all about helping job seekers find work. Recruiters, HR professionals, and the occasional job board doctor pose and answer common questions…

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Resume search: are the walls coming down?

In the old days - say, 2 or 3 years ago - you had an internal database of candidate resumes that you mined during a hiring phase. Perhaps you paid a job board to access its resume database. Or perhaps…

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“Job boards are broken”: thus saith TheLadders

My favorite weather site is WeatherUnderground. For some obscure, probably cookie-driven reason, I tend to see a lot of HR-related ads there. A few SHRM and iCIMS ads, for example. The other day I noticed a corporate blue banner that…

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