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Candidates: the only thing that matters

As part of my ongoing research, I look at a lot (LOT) of job boards and recruiting sites (and of course those sites that will not call themselves job boards but actually are). I look at sites in Japan, Germany,…

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the candidate's world

The surprising complexity of the candidate’s world

If you're talking about the candidate's world, you tend to use shorthand to talk about what happens: 'active' candidates, 'passive' candidates, applies, cost of hire, and so on. No surprise - every industry relies on verbal shortcuts - otherwise we'd…

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matching for job boards

Matching for job boards: another view

This week's guest post by Paul Basile on matching for job boards was sparked by my post last week on matching. Paul Basile is CEO of Matchpoint Careers, a matching service that uses psychometrics to help employers hire better candidates.…

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