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Will Twitter kill the job board?

The growth of Twitter (and the hype) continues. Facebook is threatened. Google is threatened. And yes, job boards are threatened. Right? Millions of people are turning to Twitter (and Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others) to find out information about jobs, companies,…

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resume database

The quality of your resume database

In the everyday bustle of dealing with your employers, it's easy to forget about your resume database. Easy, but not advisable. Long commoditized and scorned by many recruiters because of poor quality and short shelf life, resumes actually provide you…

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What’s your job board worth?

If you run a job board or career site, you've probably given some thought to what the job board is worth - perhaps because you want to sell, or perhaps because you want to grow. Judging from a recent discussion…

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Defining your job seeker audience

As Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote many years ago in their influential book “Positioning”, “sometimes you can want too much”. If your job board’s audience is everyone, then they’ll probably get…no one. With over 100,000 job boards and career…

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Why do most job boards fail to thrive?

"When anyone can start a job board, we’re really in trouble.” – apocryphal A long, long time ago, people found work through quaint methods such as friends, a sign in the window, or a newspaper classified. Those days are, well,…

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