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In praise of job board salespeople

job board salespeopleI think job board salespeople deserve a lot more credit than they get. I’ll admit, I’m biased, having been in sales off and on throughout my career. But a good salesperson is invaluable to the success of any business – particularly a job board. And if you’re on the other side of the fence, a good salesperson can truly help your recruiting efforts as an employer by tying you into a good tool or service.

So what makes a good salesperson? Let me suggest a few characteristics (you’ll probably have more!):

  • Respectful of your time and intelligence
  • Honest and straightforward; willing to walk away if he/she doesn’t have the right solution for you
  • Peristent in engaging you and staying in touch
  • Able to listen and then accurately restate your needs and goals
  • Reliable – if a promise is made, a promise is kept

Sure, there are plenty of mediocre salespeople out there (just like there are mediocre accountants and wrestlers!). But the best salespeople really do help their clients – and in turn, their clients help job boards grow.

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