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2022: the shape of things to come

If you check into my archive, you may notice that I did not predict the pandemic. In fact, at times I've even said that I won't or can't predict. Ahem. So why, then, am I revving up for a few…

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Platforms, pipelines, ecosystems, and hubs

As with most industries, the recruiting industry is partial to faddish names and acronyms. ATS, PPC, 'talent pipeline', RPO, 'hiring marketplace', PPA, and so on, and so on. As systems grow in complexity, so do the names describing them -…

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The eternal question: build or buy

Note: This post came out in 2013, and the Doctor considers it just as relevant today. Take a read! And don't say I didn't tell you! One of the most common questions I get from startups is whether they should…

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