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People Aggregation

What you should know about candidates

My last post focused on what candidates do when they are looking for work. We asked a wide range of questions in order to get a better picture of how candidates behave 'in the wild', as it were. But this…

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job board revenue models

How to make money – job board revenue models

I've been cataloging job board revenue models for the past two years (for obvious reasons), and frankly, I've been surprised at how many sites rely on candidates for their primary revenue stream. Making money, of course, is always a primary…

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future of job boards

The future of job boards is…

The future is alluring - nothing bad has happened yet, you haven't made any dumb mistakes yet, and anything could happen. In fact, the future is so interesting I will now write about it (with my job board industry goggles…

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Is your job site positioned to grow?

Doostang just announced that they've landed $1.25 million in new funding. That's not a huge investment compared to the boom years, but it is a signal that our industry may have reached bottom and is beginning to rebound. So you've…

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