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Is your job site positioned to grow?

job board planDoostang just announced that they’ve landed $1.25 million in new funding. That’s not a huge investment compared to the boom years, but it is a signal that our industry may have reached bottom and is beginning to rebound.

So you’ve survived the worst. Now what are you going to do?

Do you have a job board plan for growth? If not, now is a good time to start – because if you don’t, your competitors will. The job board industry is like any other; you can grow, or you can fade away. There’s not an in-between.

See if you can answer the following questions (all of them, that is):

  1. How are you using and/or integrating social media into your services?
  2. What are your plans to move beyond job postings and resume access as your primary revenue sources?
  3. Have you talked with your employers recently (and I mean most of them, not just a few)? What do they need that you can provide?
  4. What is your plan for improving the quality of the candidates you provide to your employers?
  5. How are you planning to improve the ability of employers to find the right candidates, and candidates to find the right job?
  6. How do you plan to empower your candidates and provide them with a better job hunting experience?
  7. Are you planning to grow by expansion into additional niches, acquisition, and/or creation of new services?
  8. Do you know where your business should be in 12 months vis-a-vis revenues, services, and competitors?

What about your job board plant? What questions did I miss?

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  1. Your post prompted me to think of ways to “integrate” social media into your job board strategy. Here are some ways as I think off the top of my head:

    Push Methods:
    1) Automated tweets from job board with the right keywords, hashtags and links. Search engine technology in indexing thousand of job ads and identifying trending keywords will be key for tweets to be useful
    2) (or similar) widget on your job ads. Make it easy for your visitors to share your job ads with his/her network
    3) Customised RSS feeds, allow your users to subscribe to your feeds based on their search criteria

    Pull Methods
    1) Establish a presence, either by employers or by verticals, on the major social media site. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would be the givens. Drive traffic back to your site
    2) Cross-post and cross-promote your jobs to relevant site. Syndicate your feeds, make it easy for publishers to use your ads to serve their visitors
    3) Social media expertise to locate, engage and attract the right talent in the right forums. Experts in growth verticals would be great. Imagine a “green energy” guru attracting such rare talent back to your job site, to your ads, and to your advertisers

    How else would you add yours

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