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Is Indeed’s AI future also yours?

Indeed's AI futureIndeed’s AI future was the subject of a recent talk by Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, at the company’s FutureWorks conference. Indeed – in case you’ve forgotten – is the largest job board in the world, and thus what it does tends to trickle down to the rest of us in one way or another.

So I think it’s fair to ask: Is Indeed’s AI future also yours?

Let’s take a look at what Hymans outlined that is either coming or already here (and a tip of the hat to AIM Group’s Peter Zollman for covering this!):

  • AI-generated job descriptions
  • Using AI to optimize indexed jobs
  • Using AI-powered matching to improve candidate identification and selection
  • Providing candidates with AI-powered matching to improve the match between their skills and a given job
  • AI-generated emails to candidates

I doubt any of these uses of AI will surprise you. But putting them all together has had an impact for Indeed’s customers. And remember – many of Indeed’s customers are also your customers.

So back to the question: Is Indeed’s AI future also the future of your job board or recruitment marketplace. The answer is: most likely. The types of optimization and automation shown in Indeed’s AI-driven applications are both (a) relatively easy to implement with today’s AI technology, and (b) effective enough to get the employer’s and candidate’s attention. For example, your site may not have the millions of jobs that Indeed has, and thus may see less return on AI-powered matching – but you may want to do it anyway, both for the buzz and the flexibility it provides you as your inventory grows.

It’s worth remembering that job boards have always been large repositories of data – but they’ve rarely taken advantage of that data. AI provides a way to do so. By making sense of data in a way that helps candidates find what they want, you could argue that AI may finally answer the unfulfilled promises of matching technologies of the past.

Or maybe not. Lest you think I have swallowed the AI pill and am now under its effects, let me add that AI is another tool for you to use. But never forget that the ‘I’ in AI is on you – AI is no more intelligent than my garden hose, without the intelligence that the user brings to it.

And yes: I have now achieved a long-sought-after goal of using the term ‘garden hose’ in this blog! So that’s enough for today.

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