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Programmatic, money, and yes, programmatic: news of the job board industry

programmaticAs in last month’s update, the acquisition of programmatic companies continues apace. But there’s also new investment and some quarterly results as well. Let’s see what we’ve got!:

  • DHI announces Q2 resultsDHI announced that Dice’s 2nd quarter revenues were $23.2 million, ClearanceJobs’ were $6 million, and eFinancialCareers’ were $8.1 million. EBITDA margins were 23%, and the company continues to convert customers into a pay per view (PPV) revenue model. Slow and steady.
  • Harver raises fundsAmsterdam-born recruitment and HR platform Harver has raised $15 million in Series B financing led by Insight Partners. The company’s pre-employment assessment platform digitally transformed hiring at scale for companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Heineken. The platform automates much of the hiring process and uses machine learning to determine the best applicant for a job by matching skills to requirements with applicants providing data via a series of tests. Very interesting.
  • Indeed acquires ClickIQFollowing in the footsteps of Stepstone (!), Indeed is acquiring UK-based programmatic vendor ClickIQ. This follows Indeed’s acquisition in May of Syft. ClickIQ’s market penetration is primarily in the UK and the  EU. Who’s next? In related news, Recruit’s latest set of financials show that Indeed and Glassdoor continue to do well, with revenue growth of 46%. Yow.
  • Wanted raises funds Referral recruiting site Wanted raised $9 million U.S. in funding from venture capital firms and financial institutions to further expand its operations globally. Founded in 2015, Wanted operates in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. Referrers earn reward from the platform after hiring of job applicants.
  • Invitation-Only launchesMogul, a diverse talent “ecosystem,” launched a subscription-based platform called Invitation-Only, which targets what the company said is a weak point in many organizations’ diversity and inclusion plans: advancing women into leadership.  Employers will be able to post VP-, SVP-, EVP-, president-, C-Suite- or board member-level jobs to Mogul’s network of 15,000 senior-level women working in consulting, at high-growth startups and Fortune 500s. Candidates must nominate themselves to be a part of the network. Very interesting.
  • TMP picks up Perengo: In another programmatic purchase, TMP Worldwide, a New York-based recruitment advertising agency, announced it acquired Perengo, a San Francisco-based firm that provides a programmatic recruitment platform. Perengo was founded in 2015. Again…who’s next?
  • Is PandoLogic next?Terry Baker, president of programmatic recruitment advertising firm PandoLogic, has added the title CEO. Also, PandoLogic is actively being offered for sale, several sources told the AIM Group, an industry news source. We shall see….
  • Recruitics acquires KRTOK, just one more: Recruitics acquired KRT Marketing, a data-driven recruitment marketing company. KRT Marketing will operate under the Recruitics brand and keep its company headquarters and regional offices. OK, is there anyone left to buy? Oh right…PandoLogic.
  • Russmedia investsRussmedia has invested 1.25 million Euros in der brutkasten, a Vienna-based startup and innovation platform. Russmedia operates, among other things, a job board software business. Interesting.
  • JobAndTalent raises even more money Spanish digital employment agency will reportedly close a €40-45 million ($45-50 million U.S.) funding round in October 2019. Its most recent funding was €10 million ($11.7 million U.S.) from Associated Ventures Corp. in June 2018. The company was founded as a candidate-focused job matching site, and pivoted more than once before settling into its current digital temp agency form. It generated $154 million in sales in 2018. They’re very good at raising money!

Wow! Well, if you’re a programmatic company, I guess you’re probably getting ready to sell – and when you do, I’ll be writing about you. Until next month…

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