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Rhinos, Pandos, and Randrrs: news of the recruitment marketing industry

news roundupAnother month, another round of changes and action in the recruitment marketing biz! We continue to see companies try on new names and new identities, players big and small working hard to expand into new markets, and – of course – more funding and aquisitions. So let’s see what’s up:

  • RealMatch becomes PandoLogicRealMatch, which started out as a job site network and then moved into programmatic advertising, has rebranded itself as PandoLogic. It has also launched pandoIQ, which is its own take on a programmatic job ad solution. There’s a backstory on the name, but I’ll let you find it yourself (hint: it has nothing to do with bears).
  • JobTech relaunches: Speaking of start-overs, JobTech,  a Singaporean company that temporarily shutdown its job-matching service in October, has relaunched and tweaked the product. Previously, the service aggregated job offerings from major job portals and career pages. After legal threats forced the temporarily closure, JobTech has moved beyond the portals and is now aggregating directly from thousands of company career pages. Sounds kinda Indeed-ish.
  • BlueCrew gets money BlueCrew, an on-demand workforce app that matches workers with companies looking for help doing anything from warehouse work to selling concessions at baseball games, has gotten $14M in funding from IAC, which owns brands like Tinder,, and Angie’s List. BlueCrew wants to upend staffing agencies  with a tech-savvy way to match gig economy workers with companies looking for temporary help. BlueCrew’s workers are W2 employees, not 1099 contractors. Very interesting.
  • CV Library buys another site CV-Library has acquired, a job board in the education sector. The site will be rolled out onto CV-Library’s multisite white label platform. CV-Library added that it already has nearly 700,000 education candidates on its site. No information about the selling price was revealed. Interesting.
  • Indeed moves to resume subscription Indeed Resume is now available for subscriptions for employers and recruiters; giving them an access to the contact details of up to 100 job-seekers a month. Those who are already registered as featured employers will continue using contacts until the end of the first quarter. The subscription costs $100 U.S. a month for access to names and contacts of 30 job seekers and $250 U.S. a month for 100 candidate profiles. Wonder why this is happening now? In other Indeed news, Prime is expanding.
  • Google Hire launches Candidate DiscoveryHire, Google’s lightweight ATS, now offers “candidate discovery”, which looks at the job description, title and location of a job ad and matches that to a list of past candidates in the employer’s database. As Google notes, Hire uses the company’s search smarts to better understand the recruiter’s intent. Also, Hireo has gained customers so fast its share of the ATS market is now larger than all but 22 of the 109 ATS vendors tracked by Ongig. Gotta be making iCIMS and Taleo kinda nervous.
  • Smart Rhino Labs is soldRandall-Reilly announced that it has completed the acquisition of Smart Rhino Labs, which offers recruiting services in the trucking industry and runs a network of 25 job boards. Key company leadership at Smart Rhino Labs, including CEO Scott Evanson, COO Ben Paynter, CTO Brett Evanson, and CMO Jared Beauchamp, will remain in their respective roles. Congrats!
  • Randrr buys Anthology: Randrr, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based job search platform, announced the acquisition of Anthology (formerly Poachable), a Seattle startup that developed an anonymous career-matching platform. Founders Tom Leung and Ian Shafer originally launched Anthology in 2012 as Yabbly, a platform for product-oriented reviews and Q&As, before going through a series of pivots. Founded in 2015, randrr bills itself as a “career insights platform” that helps job applicants sort through potential opportunities and improve their marketability. Interesting.
  • JobChain ICO launchesJobChain says it will reduce employer recruitment fees, improve overall communication through a “SmartFee” weighting algorithm, and allow job boards, aggregators, and agencies to communicate with candidates and clients faster. The JobChain Token enables users to participate on the platform: to buy or sell job ads, to get fees for references, and get fees for successful hires. The JobChain ICO Pre-Sale will launch on April 1st, 2018. Despite the launch date, I think this is not a joke!
  • Tempo gets fundingVideo AI recruitment platform Tempo has secured £1 million investment from Hambro Perks. The raise will be used to accelerate Tempo’s development of their tech platform and to expand further within London. Tempo claims that its fees are 70 per cent lower than the average recruitment agency and there are no upfront costs. Plus, it has ‘AI’ in it!

OK, that’s it for now. More next month (and if you’re going to TAtech Spring, I’ll see you there!).

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