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Branding is essential for job boards

A blast from the past: this post originally appeared in 2009, but is still relevant. If you want to get hands-on instruction in branding for your job board, consider attending the JobBoardDoctor workshop: “Building Your Job Board Brand” – click here to register:

branding is essentialBranding often gets a bad rap – as if there is something inherently bad in trying to create a unique, persuasive persona for your job board. Nothing could be further from the truth. Branding builds value for your job board – and protects you from competitors. Branding is essential.

Think about it: most of the truly successful job boards out there have built successful brands: GlassDoor. Monster. CareerBuilder. Dice. LinkedIn. No,  a brand doesn’t replace solid technology, good marketing, and SEO. But in combination with these, branding will help push your job board past hundreds of other competitors.

Why? Branding gives your board a personality – something that can catch in a job seeker’s mind, a reason to remember you. The typical job seeker is overwhelmed with choices when it comes to job boards. A good brand helps to whittle down the choices – in your favor.

Successful branding also positions you against your competitors. Instead of being the “ABCjobs” job board, you are the job board for a specific niche, purpose, or sector. In essence, you take up a ‘slot’ in the employer’s mind – a slot that is no longer filled by your competitors.

Don’t forget, too, that studies have repeatedly shown strongly branded products command higher prices and larger market shares than unbranded or poorly branded products. In short, a good brand is money in your pocket.

So what comprises a good job board brand?

  • a clear, succinct value proposition (GlassDoor: Get hired. Love your job.)
  • a good, tight visual (I hate it….but Monster’s monster is good)
  • a solid supporting ‘look and feel’ (check out Tyba – consistent, clean, visual design)
  • consistency of messaging throughout every nook and cranny of the job board

Beware, however, of what gives branding a bad name:

  • lying about your services
  • images and design that are inconsistent with your audience (do you really want Flash and ‘gee whiz’ tech stuff for your truck driver site?)
  • inconsistency in messaging

Branding doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does require thought and hard work. The end result is worth it, though: in a market that is crowded and commoditized, branding helps your job board stand out – and thrive. The bottom line: branding is essential for your success.

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  1. Some really good tips and insights on branding part for jobboards. Branding infact is the area which should need more effort and care when strategy is planned. A new jobboard struggles and then crumbles but if the branding is good, risk of failing minimizes.

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