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7 Big Trends shaping the job board industry in 2015

7 big trendsIt’s that time of the year, when everyone and their uncle is either looking back, telling you what happened, or looking forward and predicting the future. I like the old Magic 8 ball as much as the next guy, so I’ve decide to throw my hat into the ring as a prognosticator. Just think – this time next year, you can let me know how wrong I was! So, without further ado, here are my 7 predictions for the big trends shaping our industry next year:

  1. Talent shortages and mismatches: The economy, while not red hot, has gotten warm enough to cause significant shortages in certain types of people in certain locations – think welders, CNC operators, nurses, technologists, and more. Jobs are going unfilled in many areas of the country. Another factor – unrealistic and over-restrictive expectations by employers for the ‘ideal candidate’.  This is a problem for employers – and an opportunity for job boards.
  2. Diversity matters more than ever: Sure that the recent headlines over lack of diversity in the technology industry are yesterday’s news? Think again. Many employers want a more diverse workforce – and they need help getting it. Some are even willing to pay for it.
  3. Job hopping makes retention a big issue: With the recession in the rear-view mirror, many candidates are now quitting their so-so jobs in search of something better. This of course is refocusing employers on how to retain the employees they have. They need tools to help them with retention. Where will they get them?
  4. Employer brand matters: As the latest LinkedIn Global Trends survey indicates, 75% of recruiters say that the employer brand has a significant impact on hiring success.  Interestingly enough, job boards typically offer some of the best tools to brand employers for candidates.
  5. It’s mobile, stupid: Believe it or not, less than 30% of major companies provide mobile versions of their career sites – even though 50%+ of candidates are now searching for work on mobile devices. Employers need help in becoming mobile – and they need it from trusted recruitment partners such as their job boards
  6. Data matters: Big data is slowly moving out of the realm of theory and into the real world. Real time analysis of large data sets produced by job boards is already providing useful information on how, where, and when to place job postings. Expect significant growth in this area for 2015.
  7. More spending on recruitment and retention: Every item above means that employers will be spending more money than ever before on finding, assessing, hiring, and retaining candidates.

Perhaps these 7 big trends also explain the explosion in investment we’ve seen during the past twelve months for the job board industry. One thing is for certain: these trends will affect each and every one of us, whether we want them to or not. So get ready!

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