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London calling: will I see you at the JobG8 job board summit?

I’ve almost recovered from the IAEWS fall congress – but in about 4 weeks I will be attending the JobG8 Europe Job Board Summit in London (Dec. 4-5). Actually, ‘attending’ isn’t quite right – I will be presenting some very interesting results from a recent survey or 1276 job seekers on how they search and what tools they use. Will I see you at the summit?

Looks to be an interesting event – I’ll be joined by Jennifer Candee, Head of Global Acquisition at SAB Miller. She’ll be talking about the ‘job board of the future‘ – so you can imagine I’m curious! Gerhard Kochle of CEO Russ Media will discuss how job boards can be social – and what that means from a technology standpoint. There are also sessions on mobile (of course) and social recruiting (double of course). The venue is next to the Tower of London, which of course has been a ‘final destination’ for many folks throughout history.

I’m really looking forward to meeting face-to-face some of the people I’ve corresponded with via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even this blog. If you’re in North America, this is your excuse to make a quick jaunt across the pond, learn something, and do a bit of touristing to boot. And of course, if you’re in Europe, this promises to be the biggest job board event of the year for your side of the globe. At any rate – please say ‘hello’ if you attend. And if you don’t, be sure to watch the Twitter streams from me and other attendees.

And yes – I’m sure that London in December will be sunny and dry

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