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New! Amazing! Different! Checking out the latest job board startups and variations

It’s been a while since I looked at new, interesting, and (occasionally) odd startups in the online recruiting sector. However, just because I haven’t been looking doesn’t mean there’s been any shortage of start-ups. Sometimes it seems like I see a new one every day! So without further ado, let’s take a look:

  • Exquisite Jobs: ‘Handpicked jobs for awesome freelancers.’ I guess that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? The About page references a desire to ‘reduce choices’, thus (theoretically) driving up quality.
  • JobPoacher: Behind the attention-getting name is a fairly standard job board, albeit without candidate or employer information. You announce what you do, how much you want, and then hope that an employer will bite. I’ll be curious to see if this goes anywhere – seems like the lack of info would depress response on both sides.
  • TheFIT: A new project from the folks at Bullhorn. You join, answer lots of questions, and then can view poll answers by company name. Kind of like a more structured, slightly hipper GlassDoor. Not a job board per se but a good addition to any job seeker’s tool belt.
  • Recruit.EE: Want to hire students for your startup in Montreal? This site is for you. Hyper-focused and niche, I can see this site expanding to other metro markets if it catches on. A project of Startupifier, which bills itself as a ‘fight club for startups’. They have a way with words.
  • SparkHire: A video-centric take on a job board that allows job seekers to post profile videos. Employers can interview candidates via video, as well as having their own profiles with videos. It’s certainly been tried before – but the site seems well integrated and thought-out.
  • GitHire: “For $1000, we will find you 5 exceptional software engineers, for a phone interview within 30 days or your money back.” That seems pretty straightforward! I’ve seen this type of service offered as part of other job boards, but this is the first time I’ve seen a site built around the concept. No code tests – they grab public data from GitHub. I’ll be curious to see how this does.
  • FreshTransition: Not actually a job board, but a tool to help job seekers organize their job search. Career coaches can see what the job seekers are doing – and help them accordingly. The product is aimed at college career counselors, government workforce agencies, and independent career coaches. I could see this as an interesting add-on for certain types of job boards as well.
  • Identified: Using data from your Facebook account, Identified ‘ranks’ you vis-a-vis other professionals in your field. As you might guess, what you do and disclose on Facebook has a great deal to do with your score. Recruiters can (I assume) pay to access candidates. I found the ranking a little suspect – for example, my alma mater, Grinnell College, is a top-20 liberal arts school, yet it was ranked 841st in Identified, behind Sentinel Secondary School. Huh?
  • OnGig: Did someone say video? OnGig is another video-centric job site – adding the word ‘social’ to the mix. What is it really? Job listings with videos (produced by the employers, I’m guessing). Interesting look and feel, though
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  1. Great post Dr but please don’t forget your cousins across the Atlantic. There are lots of interesting and social media driven sites coming into play.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Great round-up! It’s nice to see there are some job boards coming out that focus on video and/or audio. At, we believe that this is the future of job search and recruiting; as a matter of fact, may be a good addition to your list above. launched on January 30 as the most comprehensive video-based social recruiting platform and job board for employers and job seekers. We’re free and, by combining the visibility of a job board with the functionality of an applicant tracking system, we allow employers to find and pre-screen candidates using audio and video, conduct real-time virtual interviews and manage the entire onboarding process.

    Check out how we work for job seekers:

    And here’s a link to our employer video:

    Enjoy, and thank you.


  3. Thanks for picking up on Ongig! It’s great to be included on your site, as I have visited several times previously.

    As a quick disclaimer, I’m a Co-Founder of Ongig. I can appreciate that folks would view us as “job listings with video”.

    Actually the premise is quite different. the premise we operate on is “candidate delight”. Ask yourself….what is the number one reason that people leave jobs? It is because of their manager. Yet who is missing from 95% of all job postings on every job board…the manager.

    With Ongig, you see the actual person you would work for in the video, how you are connected to them, and you can ask them any question you want. Ongig is certainly intended to be much more than “a job board with video”. Maybe we’re just not making those things clear enough on our part:)

    That is our premise on how to delight candidates. Thanks again, and always inviting feedback!

  4. Jeff, thanks for highlighting FreshTransition among new/amazing/different startups. In the time since this blog post was published we’ve launched a free version of FreshTransition for job seekers that is quite similar to the enterprise version you covered in the blog.
    Our free solution makes job search easy, and enables job seekers to set targets, track every application and interaction, stay perfectly organized regardless of the length of their search.
    We are always adding new features and functionality based on the feedback we receive from users, so feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think:

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