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A tour of new, unusual, and interesting job sites (that may or may not be job boards)

job sitesThe times they  are a-changin’ – and Mr. Zimmerman never even envisioned the internet, much less job sites. One way or another I end up looking at a lot of online recruitment sites – some aimed at employers, some at job seekers, some at who knows what. Examining sites is, in my opinion, extremely worthwhile – there are always ideas to ‘borrow’ and ideas to avoid. So, without further ado, let’s go on a magical mystery job site tour:

  • Worky: This Irish site lets the job seeker build a profile that is a bit like a much prettier LinkedIn profile. Worky also gives you a nice analytics tool to track traffic to your profiles – and of course, they just happen to have some jobs for viewing!
  • Anapata: Another social take on the traditional job site – targeted at minority law students. Allows job seekers to create ‘instant networks’ via its affiliation with law schools and ‘follow’ law firms (and their related jobs). From the employer side, a fresh approach in selling the services, with a ‘Branding Suite’ and ‘Recruiting Suite’. Very interesting indeed.
  • HasGeek: You’ll either hate it or love it, but I don’t think you’ll be able to ignore the unique look of HasGeek. Beyond the unusual interface, it’s pretty stripped down – but that is probably a perfect match for its audience of coders.
  • The Loop: This Australian site targets the creative types – media, design, advertising, etc. What sets it apart is a clean, easy-to-use design and multiple ways to use it. Are you looking to promote your design talents? Create a portfolio. Need a creative partner? Wander through the ‘People’ section. Want to find a steady gig? Try ‘Jobs’ or ‘Companies’. Again, nothing incredibly new – but it’s very well done.
  • StartWire: As mentioned in last week’s post, StartWire flips the usual job site model on its head. Job seekers discover jobs based on their profile, share their search activity with their personal network, and getautomatic updates on the status of their job applications. The company claims it’s tackling the ‘black hole’ of job hunting by providing start-to-finish tracking. It may have something there.
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