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What works in job boards

what worksIt’s fun bashing job boards (ok, it’s fun bashing any category of web sites, but we’re talking job boards here). They’re like pop music – lots of not-so-good with occasional gems.

But how about focusing on the good ones for a change? Why not talk about what works? I’ve talked about some trends in the market recently (including mentioning some names), but I’m interested in what you think really works on specific job sites. Here are some ideas (hardly exhaustive) for categories. Tell me which sites win on each (use the comments below or send me an email if you’re shy):

1) Fastest job seeker registration

2) Easiest resume upload

3) Best help system

4) Easiest job ‘apply’ function

5) Best integration of Twitter

6) Best integration of LinkedIn

7) Best career hub

8 ) Coolest visual design (and it should be a design that you can actually use, too!)

9) Best simple design

10) Best complex design

11) Coolest job seeker tools

12) Best at not looking like a traditional job board

Feel free to contribute your own categories, too! Tell me what works!

(Note: thanks to Eric Shannon for the genesis of this post!)

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  1. Aside from finding the exact job you want fast – I think 1 and 4 above are of critical importance.

    I had my 23 year old daughter sitting beside me yesterday looking for her next media sales job and she was shocked at how cumbersome monster was to find a job – if thats the global monster of ’em all and they get it so wrong – plenty of work for you ahead – Jeff.!!

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