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Cool job sites – part 2

A while back I wrote about some job sites that I thought were ‘cool’ – in other words, unusual (in a good way), well designed, and ‘of a piece’. I’m always prowling for new ideas and different ways to tackle our industry’s challenges – so when I find a site that’s different, I want to share. Thus, without further ado, here are the latest round of cool job sites:


Genotrope: Uses an ‘affinity’ engine to match candidates to companies based on skills and cultural fit. Very cool visual graph that shows a company’s connections to other companies. Matching tool + graphics + nice design = cool. (URL:

Superscout: UK-based free site imbued with social networking hooks. Follow employers, engage and promote, just be a Web 2.0 kind of job seeker. Nice look + good social media implementation = cool. (URL:

College Recruiter: A good example of an established site giving itself a very smart visual and functional overhaul. Good social media integration + solid design + logical organization of LOTS of content = cool. (URL:

DoNanza: Another freelancer/work-at-home site – but with a twist. Any site owner can grab the DoNanza widget and display the site’s jobs on their own for a cut of the revenue (ala Jobamatic). Now why don’t more job sites try this? Good design + out-of-the-box marketing = cool site. (URL:

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  1. I’m sorry Jeff, but I have to take issue with your selections. If your main criteria for choosing “Cool sites” is the visual design and ease of use, then these sites fall way short of the standard I would expect. I’m not saying they are amateur, but they do seem pretty dated (c.2002) with the exception of DoNanza.
    On my first pass of these sites, they wouldn’t make it to the next stage for my National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs), which are now in their tenth year.

  2. I like the idea of Genotrope, in fact I think its brilliant. Yes, although the graphics work, their artistic quality is a little “dated”, but it doesn’t get in the way for me personally.

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