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The power of incremental improvements: LinkedIn shows the way

Although I'm hardly a LinkedIn fan-boy, I've found their strategy since acquisition by Microsoft quite interesting. As many predicted, they've become enmeshed with Microsoft's various enterprise products. But they've also continued to grow their own product via what I call incremental…

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Market complexity is your friend

There is a tendency - in every industry, not just our own - to look for the 'next big thing'. We're talking about ground-shaking, market-changing stuff - like maybe Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, or (even) Google. Each one of these has…

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Technology, recruiting, and skepticism

Note: The Doctor is taking a day off, so enjoy this post from last year - before Monster was sold to Randstad: Before I began this post, I had to pull my jaw off the ground. Yes, I had just learned…

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Google Jobs is already changing our industry

I'm in the process of finishing the latest version of the Job Board Software Buyer's Guide (out hopefully next week). In between the time I first sent out surveys to the vendors and the time I started writing up the…

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