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big data

Should job boards ignore big data?

A long time ago - well, maybe a year or two - big data was being touted as the next big thing. It would 'change the game' for recruiters, it would change the workplace, and provide 'new recruiting insight'. Guess…

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The unexpected

Expect the unexpected, a teacher once told me. One of my closest friends had a stroke last week. He is 58. Right now he's in a hospital, waiting for the stroke to stop getting bigger. He can't move his left…

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LinkedIn: moving up – and out?

The recruiting press was abuzz last week with the news that LinkedIn had purchased, a career-focused online learning company. It was the kind of deal that makes stockholders swoon - LinkedIn is 'broadening' its revenue streams, is going 'cradle to grave',…

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Deconstruction for fun and profit

Almost every day I read about a new recruiting site or service that has nabbed some VC money. Sometimes it's big ($100M for Thumbtack) and sometimes it's not so big ($2M for for JobR). But in every case, the company…

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change is good

Change is painful, change is good

This morning I will lose my right thumb joint. It's been a good joint and has served me well for five decades, but for the past three years it has deteriorated. How much? Let's just say that it is extremely…

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What a job board doctor really does

In my recent survey of readers, several asked for more information about what I actually do (other than write these blog posts, I suppose). I do cover a bit of this on the website, but I thought I'd make it more specific. So...what…

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