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job boards better

Good ideas: how job seekers would make job boards better

I recently had the privilege of hosting #HFChat - the HireFriday Tweet-fest organized by @HRMargo and @CyndyTrivella.  HireFriday is all about helping job seekers find work. Recruiters, HR professionals, and the occasional job board doctor pose and answer common questions…

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2012 job board industry survey

Results are in – the 2012 Job Board industry survey

As I mentioned last week, the results are in from the 2012 Job Board Industry Survey. With over 190 responses from every category of site, including aggregators, general sites, niche boards, and networks, I believe that there is  useful information…

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growth is good

Growth is good – even when it hurts sometimes

Despite the belief that growth is good, the last 3 years have been full of challenges for companies were simply struggling to survive. So what about companies that are growing? It's been a while since I've written about the challenges…

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