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Now available: Job Board Doctor blog posts by email

Inspired by Joel Cheesman's recent foray into newsletters, I've decided to start one myself. Basically, you'll get the world-famous (ok, sort-of semi-famous) Job Board Doctor blog posts - but via email. Some might argue this is a regression. I would…

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3 great ideas

3 great ideas to steal for your job board

I'm a great believer in stealing ideas. Think about it: are most successful businesses truly original? Not often - instead, they take an idea and perfect it, then execute skillfully. (This applies to art, music, and literature, too - if…

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Take the job board future survey!

I'm hoping that you'll help me out by taking a short survey on the future of the job board industry. It will take about 4 minutes of your time - and I'll be happy to send you the complete results! It's…

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social media

Using social media to promote your job site

A lot of the chatter about social media in our industry has been about how it may displace job boards as a core recruiting tool. Less has been said about how job sites can actually use social media to promote…

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