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The beginning of the end? Results from the Fall 2011 Job Board Industry Survey

fall 2011 job board industry surveyWhy do you need the Fall 2011 Job Board Industry Survey results? Well, the last few years have not been so wonderful for most of us. A tenacious recession has managed to squash both new entrants and industry stalwarts.

And yet…I’ve heard from board after board over the past 12 months that they are seeing growth. Some are launching new projects. Others are acquiring. And there is a steady, increasing stream of new sites popping up.

That’s why this year’s survey of 154 job board operators and employees is so interesting – it provides some data to back up the anecdotal evidence that perhaps, just perhaps, we’re nearing the beginning of the end of this long business slowdown. (You can download the complete data here – free registration is required, as is Adobe Reader).

Here are a few highlights to pique your interest:

  • One-third of respondents have a mobile-friendly site – and another third are working on creating such a site for the coming year
  • Respondents are less worried about .jobs, the recession, search engines, and ‘free’ job sites than they were a year earlier
  • Respondents are more worried about LinkedIn, technological change, and price erosion
  • An impressive 88% are optimistic about opportunities for their job boards in the next 12 months

Take a look for yourself, and let me know if you think the industry has turned the corner!

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