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HR tech design

HR tech design fads: now where have I seen that before?

The recruitment marketing industry encompasses many different types of services: traditional job boards, hybrid job boards, sourcing tools, recruitment platforms, professional networks, career hubs, and much more. What do these all have in common? They are focused on connecting candidates…

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An extremely short guide to job board SEO

I don't talk much about search engine optimization (SEO) because: a) I'm not an expert; and b) many other folks are experts. But...I do have opinions and advice! So this will be my 'take the Doctor's comments with a grain of salt'…

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JobBoardGeek Podcast

JobBoardGeek: Two experts explain job board SEO

In this episode of JobBoardGeek, we talk to Peter Askew and Nick Leroy of SEOjobs and RanchWork about how to do SEO for job boards.  SEO is a critical part - perhaps the most critical - for succeeding with your job board, and both Peter and Nick have…

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