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Thinking about social stuff and job search

So perhaps you saw that LinkedIn has updated/upgraded its job search functionality? They sent me an email inviting me to give it a whirl, so I did - and it got me to thinking about social stuff and job search.…

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What is mobile-friendly – and why should you care?

What if you had a service - say, a job board/candidate acquisition/employer service - and no one knew about it because it wasn't mobile-friendly? How long do you think you'd stay in business? Countless job boards (and other web-based businesses)…

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It’s that time, so vote!

The Job Board Doctor blog was just an idea in my mind during the last Presidential election - but this time around it's going strong, so I'll keep the message nice and simple: Please vote. If you've already voted, thank…

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perfect job board

The perfect job board: some random thoughts

What is the perfect job board? Talk to job seekers about looking for jobs, and you get an earful. Talk to employers about finding candidates, and you get another earful. Both sides are looking for each other, and both sides…

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job boards better

Good ideas: how job seekers would make job boards better

I recently had the privilege of hosting #HFChat - the HireFriday Tweet-fest organized by @HRMargo and @CyndyTrivella.  HireFriday is all about helping job seekers find work. Recruiters, HR professionals, and the occasional job board doctor pose and answer common questions…

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