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It’s not too late – take a few minutes for the 2013 Job Board Industry Trends Survey

survey2The 2013 Job Board Industry Trends is still open – have you participated yet?

You can easily finish the survey in 7 minutes or less. I’ve also created specific versions of the questions for European and UK boards, as well as the rest of us. Finally, I’m also gathering similar data from HR and recruiting professionals, and also job seekers – so that we can see what both sides of the recruiting and job board puzzle look like. This survey will provide you with great information about the direction of the industry – and how you fit in.

So, will you help? To date we’ve had 190 responses from sites around the world – but I’m hoping we can get even more. The survey will be open a few more weeks. So please pick the link that best matches you – and thank you in advance!

Please remember: as with all Job Board Doctor surveys, the results are freely available. In fact, I’ll email them to you – just include your email address in the appropriate box at the end of the survey.


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