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LinkedIn plays around, and more news of the job board industry

LinkedIn plays aroundIf LinkedIn plays around, does that mean the rest of us will too, sooner or later? Interesting thought. As you might imagine, continued low unemployment and labor shortages are keeping the job board industry busy. Let’s see what happened last month:

  • LinkedIn plays around: LinkedIn is working on a new games experience. It will be doing so by tapping into the same wave of puzzle-mania that helped simple games like Wordle find viral success and millions of players. Three early efforts are games called “Queens”, “Inference” and “Crossclimb.” Over the years, LinkedIn has tried out a number of different new features over the years to boost how and how much people use its platform. One idea LinkedIn appears to be experimenting with involves player scores being organised by places of work, with companies getting “ranked” by those scores. Intriguing.
  • WorkIndia offers loansWorkIndia joined forces with the India-based subsidiary of Branch International in January. Aimed at providing blue-collar and underbanked workers with loans, the partnership has attracted over 50,000 applications so far. Branch International provides access to credit through a mobile app. As part of the partnership, WorkIndia has created a dedicated loans section on its site. Smart idea!
  • UBIO offers automation product for job boards: UBIO, a web automation platform that connects websites to enhance the user experience and improve the speed of online interactions, announced the launch of its new platform for job boards. The platform has been designed to reduce friction for job applicants, provide a competitive advantage to job boards, while also offering hiring organisations with greater potential to reach quality candidates. The API offering embeds the full end-to-end application experience entirely on the job board site, without the need for direct integration with ATSs. Congrats!
  • Job&Talent U.S. revenue up: Job&Talent, a digital staffing platform headquartered in Madrid, Spain, reported revenue in the US market rose 22% year over year to $450 million for full year 2023.  Job&Talent focuses on the manufacturing and logistics sector and entered the US market in 2021.  In 2023, the company’s US operation placed over 100,000 workers, and served more than 200 national and global clients across 35 states. Impressive.
  • Jobiqo and Veritone relaunch TheJobNetworkJob board software vendor Jobiqo is now providing the underlying technology for, a major jobs aggregator serving North America. Along with the new undercarriage from Jobiqo, TheJobNetwork offers clients programmatic ad distribution from Veritone Hire. TheJobNetwork, which includes thousands of local and niche job sites, associations, other aggregators and social networks, boasts a reach of more than 100 million active and passive job seekers monthly. Interesting.
  • Big cyberattack on French employment services: French government employment service France Travail (formerly Pôle Emploi) announced that they had been hit by a cyberattack, potentially affecting the personal details of approximately 43 million workers. The attack also impacted Cap Emploi which provides access to, or return to employment, for job seekers with disabilities. France Travail said the personal information concerning job seekers currently registered with the employment agency, people previously registered over the last 20 years as well as people having a candidate space on the job board  are likely to be disclosed and exploited illegally. Wow.
  • Reed Online revenue downU.K.-based recruitment marketplace Reed Online Ltd has published its financial results for the year to June 2023. Revenue dropped by 5% from £49.2 million in FY 2022 to £46.6 million ($58.7 million) and operating profit decreased by 74% from £8.3 million to just £2.1 million as its operating profit margin fell from 17% to 4.6%. Reed Online is in a close battle with CV-Library for third position in the U.K. recruitment marketplace segment, behind Total Jobs and leader Indeed. Hmm.
  • New certification program tackles U.K. job fraud: A government-backed industry scheme for U.K. job boards and recruitment marketplaces has been launched to combat the growing threat of fraud and job-related scams.JobsAware’s new certification scheme will help protect jobseekers, employers and job boards from advertising scams and fraud. The organisation wants job boards to sign up to become ‘JobsAware-protected.’ To do so, businesses have to be audited by the British Assessment Bureau against different re. gulations from the U.K. government, the recruitment industry and JobsAware’s code of practice, which has been developed with input from the industry. Interesting.
  • Metaview raises funds: London-based AI hiring software company Metaview has raised $7M for its LLM-enabled software that automates summary and analysis of job interviews. The funding will be directed predominantly towards product development as well as hiring more engineers. Metaview’s AI summarizes interview notes and automates workflows in the hiring process. Congrats!

That about rounds it up for this time. Who knows what will happen next? Not me!

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