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The top posts from 2019: what you really liked

Every week (well, more or less), a new JobBoardDoctor post appears. Some are more popular than others. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that if I put ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’, or ‘LinkedIn’ in the title, that particular post will get a bit more attention – usually. So I was more than a little surprised to see #5 in this list make the grade! Take a look:

  • #5: Alright, cough!: What does the Doctor actually do?: With a name like JobBoardDoctor, you might be able to hazard a reasonable guess as to what I do – but it never hurts to elaborate. I am a consultant – a very narrowly focused consultant – and I have the honor of working with job boards all over the globe, from Vietnam to Spain to the U.S. It’s fun! But then, I am a job board geek.
  • #4: Path to profitability?: a tale of Uber-idiocy: In which I take a look at Uber and their ever-shifting ‘path to profitability’. I also compare Uber to our industry’s success story, ZipRecruiter – which, oddly enough, appears to be profitable. I guess you could call this a cautionary tale.
  • #3: Buy buy sell sell!: news of the job board and recruitment marketing industry: About once a month I do a roundup of the industry’s news – who got funded, who was sued, and who is launching the next big thing. For some reason, this roundup piqued your interest – perhaps it was the ‘buy buy buy’ in the title? Or maybe it was the fact that both Stepstone and OLX were in ‘acquisition mode’?
  • #2: The results of the 2019-20 Recruiting Site Trends Survey are here!: The survey results post always seems to end up on the ‘popular’ list – with good reason, I think. Where else can you tap into the pulse of the industry and find out what the latest trends are? (And if you haven’t taken a look yet – well, why not? Check it out!!).
  • #1: The saddest conversation the Doctor has – every month: This post about the (common) mistake of spending start-up money on a ‘custom’ job board that isn’t particularly custom or unusual, instead of investing it in an off-the-shelf package seemed to resonate with many of you. And if you were wondering – yes, I had yet another of these conversations just a few weeks ago!

So that’s the top of the heap from 52 weeks of writing, pontificating, and (hopefully) educating. I’m looking forward to another 52 weeks in 2020!

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