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The top posts from 2019: what you really liked

top posts from 2019Every week (well, more or less), a new JobBoardDoctor post appears. Some are more popular than others, which is why I’ve rounded up the tops posts from 2019. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that if I put ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’, or ‘LinkedIn’ in the title, that particular post will get a bit more attention – usually. So I was more than a little surprised to see #5 in this list make the grade! Take a look:

  • #5: Alright, cough!: What does the Doctor actually do?: With a name like JobBoardDoctor, you might be able to hazard a reasonable guess as to what I do – but it never hurts to elaborate. I am a consultant – a very narrowly focused consultant – and I have the honor of working with job boards all over the globe, from Vietnam to Spain to the U.S. It’s fun! But then, I am a job board geek.
  • #4: Path to profitability?: a tale of Uber-idiocy: In which I take a look at Uber and their ever-shifting ‘path to profitability’. I also compare Uber to our industry’s success story, ZipRecruiter – which, oddly enough, appears to be profitable. I guess you could call this a cautionary tale.
  • #3: Buy buy sell sell!: news of the job board and recruitment marketing industry: About once a month I do a roundup of the industry’s news – who got funded, who was sued, and who is launching the next big thing. For some reason, this roundup piqued your interest – perhaps it was the ‘buy buy buy’ in the title? Or maybe it was the fact that both Stepstone and OLX were in ‘acquisition mode’?
  • #2: The results of the 2019-20 Recruiting Site Trends Survey are here!: The survey results post always seems to end up on the ‘popular’ list – with good reason, I think. Where else can you tap into the pulse of the industry and find out what the latest trends are? (And if you haven’t taken a look yet – well, why not? Check it out!!).
  • #1: The saddest conversation the Doctor has – every month: This post about the (common) mistake of spending start-up money on a ‘custom’ job board that isn’t particularly custom or unusual, instead of investing it in an off-the-shelf package seemed to resonate with many of you. And if you were wondering – yes, I had yet another of these conversations just a few weeks ago!

So that’s the top posts from 2019 – 52 weeks of writing, pontificating, and (hopefully) educating. I’m looking forward to another 52 weeks in 2020!

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