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The readers speak: what you think does (and doesn’t) work on Job Board Doctor

A couple of weeks ago I asked the readers of my newsletter to give me some feedback (and if you don’t get the newsletter, here a link to start). Why? Because blogging can sometimes feel a bit solitary – you write a post, you may or may not get comments, and then…on to the next post. Every so often, I think it’s a good idea to ask you – the reader – what you think.

I kept the survey short and sweet – which is the way I like them. I focused on the types of posts I usually write – which do you like or dislike – and then moved on to a possible future project. As of this writing, I heard from 75 of you – enough to make me feel like I’m getting a good sample. (But if you didn’t take the survey, it’s never too late: click here).

So…what did you say?

Types of articles you like: This was pretty clear-cut. Everyone seems to like the roundups of new recruiting sites and the news on industry developments. Almost as popular are posts on increasing revenue and opinions/predictions.

In fact, the only types of articles that you felt neutral about (luckily no one would admit to actively disliking any type of post!) were those dealing with ‘how-to’ and site design and features. But a significant subset of readers want to see more how-to and site design articles.

Something new?: I also asked about your interest in a potential new service I may add to my consulting: a limited-attendance in-person workshop. 40% said ‘sign me up!’,33% said ‘maybe’, and the rest said ‘nope’. As a businessperson who is always looking for opportunities, it sounds like this may have some potential. So stay tuned!

Lots of opinions: Finally, I asked for your comments, good, bad, and indifferent – and you graciously responded. Here are some of the highlights:

“If you have first hand case studies with data points to prove a point, that would be helpful.”

“how to integrate social media successfully – low cost marketing strategies for jobboards to acquire and retain job seekers and employers – how to build low cost traffic to your site (link building, cost per click, integrating with aggregators, …) do’s and don’ts”

“I think many job boards have no clue how to do effective sales and marketing and how to MEASURE results.”

“Comment on actual job advertisements – because job ads cost so little, no care is taken in their presentation (generally) and I believe that a successful recruitment campaign starts with a good recruitment advertisement.”

“Motivational tips, Dos & Donts etc for startup job boards.”

” I think there is a lack of understanding of the recruiting industry as a whole… you come from the perspective of the job boards, which is a very limited aspect of that business. I’d stick to your strength and stay focused on the boards and technologies”

“My focus is HOW companies communicate with job seekers — not just the application process — but the “attraction” process. ”

“What do you do for job board consulting? This isn’t just my question, but probably the same question most of your followers might have. ”

“How about a list of proprietary job portals used by outplacement companies?”

Thanks! I truly appreciate the time you spend each week reading my blog/newsletter. Your feedback will help me explore some new areas – and beef up some existing ones.

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  1. I’d really dig a few articles on marketing your job board. Say a list of bullet points and in depth explanation to cover a direct mail offer or other venues that are proven to work. Once you have the traffic coming to the job board, what is the next step? What do employers search for when attempting to find a niche job board? Those be my ideas for articles. Thanks. 🙂

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