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The latest, greatest news from the job board world

Latest News 1It’s that time of the month – time to glance back and see if anything really happened in the past 4 weeks. Surprisingly enough, it did. Here’s what I noticed:

  • Monster partners with Ogden Newspapers: Monster adds to its bevy of 70 newspaper alliances by agreeing to power Ogden Newspaper’s 39 publications. It’s called expanding the network.
  • Dice revenues climb 36% year over year: Dice’s Q3 revenues rose to $46.8 million, up from $34.4 million for the same quarter in 2010. Soothsayers predicting the “end of job boards” responded by gnashing their teeth.
  • Mobile recruiting more popular with candidates than employers: A survey of 30,000 job seekers found that 19% are using their mobile devices for career-related purposes, but only 7% of employers have a mobile version of their career site. As usual, job seekers are leading the way…
  • Out of work? Don’t apply: Hundreds of job ads specify that applicants must be employed in order to apply – a discriminatory practice that is now drawing the attention of Congress. Monster, CareerBuilder, and others quickly respond – after all, who wants the attention of Congress?
  • LinkedIn shares slump after insider selloff: LinkedIn’s share value has dropped to its lowest level since June as insiders begin selling – and investors become concerned about its valuation. This feels a bit…predictable.
  • Job boards are dying – umm, no, they aren’t!: Gregg Dourgarian says that job boards are dying; John Sumser begs to differ. This argument is the gift that keeps on giving – for bloggers, that is.

That’s all for now. Hmm, wonder if anything will happen this month?

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