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Everyone writes about job boards – well, a lot of people do

It may surprise you that the Job Board Doctor is in fact NOT the only person writing about job boards. Really! In fact, there are some very articulate, smart folks out there covering developments in the job board world – and I thought it was time to point you in their direction. Each of these articles is worth your time – take a look:

  • Matt Alder:  “The Job Cloud – Why Twitter is the future of Job Boards” – A look into how a ‘job cloud’ could disrupt the world of job boards.
  • Don Ramer: “The Job Boards Are Dead…Long Live The Job Boards?” – Social networks are displacing the traditional job board model – but not the job boards.
  • Peter Gold: “Why Job Boards Will Pay You” – Peter predicts that job boards will end up paying large companies to advertise on their sites.
  • Steven Rothberg: “Are Job Boards Dead?” – Job boards aren’t dead, but those that stick to outdated financial models will soon perish.
  • Eric Shannon: “Job Search 2010 – Looking 5 years into the future” – Consolidation at the top of the job board industry, but more small boards down below.
  • Lou Adler: “Will Soon Replace All Job Boards?: Redesign the hiring process, dump job descriptions and resumes, and revamp job boards.
  • Nick Corcodilos: “TheLadders: Job-board salary fraud?” – Nick has many concerns about TheLadders, and doesn’t hesitate to lay them out for you.
  • Toby Dayton: “Great Insight on Job Boards from Google” – Toby uses Google to make a few points about candidate-pay job sites.
  • Phillip Tusing: “Porter’s 5 Forces Model View of the Job Board Industry” – Using Michael Porter’s model to examine the Australian job board industry.

Who did I miss? Let me know!

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