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What you want from job boards in 2010 (and more)

job boards 2010A few weeks ago I put out a request: what would you want to see from job boards in 2010? Quite a few of you responded – so here are your comments and ideas:

  1. Better crafted job posts: This is in fact something that a job board can’t produce, as it’s the responsibility of the employer. Such a small thing – and yet most employers and recruiters still fail to post engaging, succinct, and informative job ads. Let’s put it this way – if you don’t write a great job ad, someone else will…and they’ll get the candidates you wanted!
  2. Better pricing: The consensus seems to be that old-style ‘monster’ pricing is on the way out – to make the way for what? Not sure, but I’m betting we’ll continue to see changes in how employers pay for job board services.
  3. Stop the job boards already!: As one person said, “Can everyone and their mother stop trying to create a “niche” job board? Oy.” Well, you can ask – but I suspect people will keep creating as long as there’s a demand.
  4. Fewer duplicate jobs: A side effect of job aggregators and lots of recruiters, duplicate job postings seem unlikely to disappear.
  5. No spam job postings: As discussed last week, ‘fake’ job postings – and ads for multi-level-marketing, work-at-home, and other ‘opportunities’ – make both job seekers AND employers unhappy.
  6. Move beyond the job post / resume paradigm: For some, the advent of social media will kill the traditional job board model. For others, job boards just need to get better at what they do.

So what are your thoughts? What would you like to see from job boards in the coming year?

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  1. Happy to see that some of my Job Board goals are right up there with your research.
    Before starting on, I was working as a recruiter for a big firm in the U.S. of course I had access to Monster and Careerbuilder search tools, and job posting tools, so I took the better of both and try to implement them on my board, I also added some features that were lacking, such as candidate email alerts, which sends an email to the Job Poster or Recruiter when a matching Candidate registers and uploads their resume. Definitely much lower pricing and some perks.

    Thanks for the tips!

    James B.

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