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Perfection – and why it’s useful (sometimes)

You know your job board or career site isn’t perfect, right? (And if you don’t, I’m sure you can find someone that will tell you that). In fact, perfection can be pretty annoying, particularly when it manifests itself as a ‘rule’ or ‘mandate’.

But…perfection has its place. Let me explain.

A job board (or honestly, any decent web site) is never ‘done’. It’s always a work in progress. You add that job seeker forum you always wanted – and now you need a Twitter feed. But what guides the selection of these additions and modifications?

I would suggest that you should always have a ‘perfect’ experience in your mind – as a job seeker or employer, what are the things that should happen to make me happy and satisfied? What criteria must always be met?

For example, let’s look at that forum you just added. Why did you add it? I’ll admit that sometimes, it just happens to be at the top of the ‘to do’ list. But what about those ‘permanent’ criteria:

  • Does the forum encourage higher usage? (Yes)
  • Does the forum build a tighter bond between the job seeker and your site? (Yes)
  • Is the forum easy to use? (Yes)
  • Does the forum provide additional revenue opportunities? (Yes)

And so on. You’ll have your own ‘permanent’ criteria. I’d encourage you to spend some time writing them down, and then stick them on the bulletin board, right next to the tech ‘to do’ list.

And if something pops to the top of the list and it fails the criteria…dump it!

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