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Why go to conferences? Plus: a guide

About a year ago, I offered a guide to conferences for recruitment marketing folks. Now I'm packing up to go to another conference, and it made me wonder: why go to conferences? Why not just stay home and keep working?…

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The million dollar question

Over the years I've worked with a number of clients who are thinking about the next step. Sometimes that meant an acquisition. Sometimes that meant new staff, or additional marketing. But it usually meant - at its core - growth. These…

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5 reasons I ain’t gonna predict

Note: The Doctor's writing fingers are currently frozen in the deep freeze enveloping his home here is a replay from March 2016. Enjoy! Seems like everyone and their donkey does a 'what's coming next' post around this time of…

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Take the 2017-2018 Recruiting Trends survey!

Hey everyone! It's that time - time for the 2017-18 Global Recruiting Site Trends survey! As always, I need your help  to get it off the ground. In addition to the usual valuable info on what job boards and recruiting sites…

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Job postings are commodities – really!

Note: The Doctor is out for the next few weeks, helping his sister deal with her cancer. This is from last year, but still quite relevant, particularly given the progress with Google's Cloud Jobs API! I was discussing Indeed with…

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