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productizing your job board

Productizing your job board

Remember department stores? I do. I remember going to Hubbards, our local Texas version - riding up the escalator to the men's department on the 2nd floor, and of course the reverse path to the toy department in the basement.…

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don't play their game

Don’t play their game

Many years ago as a marketing novice I learned the first rule of competing against giants: don't play their game. This was long before I entered the job board world. I was a marketing director at a niche publishing company…

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Glassdoor hurt its brand

Glassdoor hurt its brand via sloppy integration

Ok, this is hardly the first time that Glassdoor hurt its brand. Just scan through the company's history and you'll find plenty of examples where the tension between user anonymity and company enmity clashed over the site's landmark employer reviews.…

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job board content success

Job board content success

Job board content success? Huh? Well, job boards have long believed - or were taught to believe by search engines - that job ads were 'their' only real content. In other words, a job board was nothing without the primal…

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government regulation and job boards

Government regulation and job boards

Government regulation and job boards have been a fear, a threat - but the regulations also seemed remote. Even when GDPR was implemented, job boards were able to quickly comply. But... The reality is that job boards have been bumping…

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old tech

Old tech is sometimes the best tech

Old tech encompasses a wide range of things - from typewriters to transistor radios to email. Some old tech is still being used, almost unchanged - think of dress shoes or blue jeans. Other old tech has disappeared (faxes, anyone?),…

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