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Which job board technology is changing the job board industry?

job board technologyAlthough job board technology may not always seem important, the job board industry is a technology-driven industry. After all, it was the combination of a database and the web that gave it birth so many years ago. After a fairly lengthy period of incremental and erratic technical growth, job board technology is seeing lots of change – and I suspect that those sites that ignore these changes may suffer.

So, which technologies (and technology trends) are changing job boards?

  • Mobile: As my recent survey made clear, mobile’s influence in the recruiting arena is growing. Why? Mobile devices are omnipresent, immediate, and ‘always on‘. What better tool to reach elusive job seekers? Many job sites are in the process of creating complete functionality on a mobile platform. Smart move.
  • Twitter: Ok, so calling Twitter a ‘technology’ is stretching it a bit – but the idea of direct, immediate communication with job seekers or hiring managers, the ability to mass communicate as well as micro communicate, and the channel’s efficiency and effectiveness and distributing content is pushing recruiters (and job boards) in new directions (check out what Sodexo is doing, for example). Believe me, there’s more to Twitter than simply ‘tweeting’ jobs.
  • The cloud: Cloud computing has been around since the 60s (at least conceptually), but it has gained traction (and buzz) in the past few years. Why? The proliferation of cheap servers, abundant broadband, and ever increasing software complexity have all driven adoption. Matt Alder has already posited a cloud-based alternative to the traditional job board. I have no doubt that some are in development.
  • ATSs: As the price tag continues to drop for implementing an ATS, more companies are utilizing them – which means that more metrics (whether good or bad) are being applied to the job board postings a company makes. In other words, if the ATS shows that your job board isn’t performing, you’re toast. The days of ignoring ATSs and hoping they would fade away are over – job boards have to tackle the challenge (and potential reward) these systems offer.
  • Simplicity: Ok, simplicity isn’t a ‘technology’. But look at the technological products that are thriving right now (iPhone, iPad, DVRs, etc.). What do they have in common? Simplicity. They are all incredibly easy to use. There is a lot of technology hidden behind that ‘simplicity’ – but the genius of these products is that you don’t see it. You just use them and they work. That would be my definition of the ideal job board: just use it, and it works.

Ok, what job board technology did I miss?

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  1. Jeff, perhaps we could start a list (here or?) for the explosion of social networks springing up that try and be linkedin/facebook & a job board all in one.??

    are 2 that come to mind but im sure there are a lot more just coming online after 2-3 years development?


  2. Another left of centre one:
    and one I came across yesterday was Resume? where candidates get a $ for everytime their cv is viewed?

  3. How candidate profiles are created and what candidates are available from a job board will change dramatically.

    1. Traditional job boards will become destination portals offering clients access to candidates that are far beyond only the candidates in their own database. They will deploy technologies that allow clients to search not only the job boards database but also the data that resides in the clients own ATS as well as data from other job boards in one integrated interface – all from the job boards branded site. Exciting.

    2. Profile extensions – Every candidate that signs up for the job board will have an automatic profile build for them of every piece of information available about them on the web. The candidate decides what to share and this information is then available to the employers to provide much more information than a simple resume and without requiring the candidate to type in pages of information.

    Give me a call and I will give you a demo of these technologies … we are changing the job board Industry..

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