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What makes a job board suck? (Employer version)

Per the previous post, let’s take a look at a few things that can make employers (yes, the folks actually paying) throw up their hands and run screaming from a job board. (Remember, this is just one man’s opinion – throw your own into the mix with a pithy comment). So, without further ado, here are 4 things that make a job board ‘sucky’:

1) Make it hard to buy: If I want to purchase your services, make it easy for me. Don’t make me wait to talk to a salesperson if I don’t want to – let me buy online. If I don’t want to pay by credit card, then send me an invoice. And if I do want to talk to someone, please make them honest, intelligent, and understandable!

2) Make it hard to use: Listen, my life doesn’t revolve around your job board – really. So make it as easy and obvious to post a job as it would be, say, to buy a book on Amazon.  If I want to search your resumes, then again, make it easy AND powerful. Please.

3) Make me do all the work: Again, I have a life. So send me reminders, send me resumes, send me anything – and don’t expect me to remember when my package expires. Or to go and take a look at my applications. Or just about anything, really.

4) Refuse to play others: Even though I may love your job board, it’s probably not the only tool in my belt. So let me feed my jobs via XML into your board if I want to, ok? And if I use one of those super-cool all-in-one resume and applicant search tools, please try to integrate with it – even if the vendor isn’t helpful. After all, I’m your customer.

So? Speaking as an employer, what do you think makes a job board suck?

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