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Take the 2016-17 Recruiting Site Trends survey!

Hey everyone! It's that time - time for the 2016-17 Global Recruiting Site Trends survey! As always, we need your help  to get it off the ground. In addition to the usual valuable info on what job boards and recruiting sites…

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We are the robots

The most common question I've heard in the last two job board conferences (apart from 'where is the bar?') is: What is programmatic advertising? You have to admit, the phrase is a bit off-putting - we know about ads, but…

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The global nature of the job board industry

The job board industry has always been 'global'. From the beginning we've had sites around the world filling recruiting needs. But over the past several years, I've noticed a shift in the types of activity - from a slew of…

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Should job boards ignore big data?

A long time ago - well, maybe a year or two - 'big data' was being touted as the next big thing. It would 'change the game' for recruiters, it would change the workplace, and provide 'new recruiting insight'. Guess…

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