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Do you really know your employers?

confused about your employersMost job boards and career sites want to connect job seekers and employers. And most job board owners (that’s you, friend) rely on their employers to pay the bills.

So…do you really know your employers? You should have a 3 x 5 card taped to your wall (or hanging from your monitor) that describes your ideal employer customer. What? You don’t?

Well, for a long time, neither did I.

But this is something that’s easy to rectify – and the process of figuring it out will help your business become more efficient and profitable. In essence, you’re applying a little Sales 101 to your efforts. Ready?

Answer these questions:

a) How frequently does your ideal customer need to use your job board?

b) How much do they spend over 12 months with your job board?

c) Which industries are they in? (be specific, i.e., not ‘food’; use ‘prepared dressings and toppings’)

d) How many employees do they have?

e) What is their typical annual revenue?

Five questions. Not that hard, right? So you end up with something like this:

Our ideal customer:

  • hires our job seekers at least 4 times per year
  • spends $1500-2000 annually with us
  • specializes in prepared dressings and toppings for the restaurant industry
  • has 150-300 employees
  • has annual revenues of $8 million or more

You can sell to anyone. But this employer is the one you target, the one you spend time trying to acquire. This is the type of employer that will make you profitable, not crazy.

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