We're already into 2015, and as you might guess, the job board and online recruiting industry is staying busy. Dice goes for billboards: In a back to the future moment, Dice is running 50 foot billboards in Silicon Valley featuring 'real' engineers in their underwear. “We wanted to make people smile when they were stuck in [...]

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December is here, and as you might guess, activity has continued unabated in the online recruiting and job board world. Let's see what's happened lately:  Indeed goes public, kind of: Recruit, the parent company of Indeed, went public in October. The 7 percent climb in its initial share price came amid a decline for the overall market [...]

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Some interesting developments over the past month, including a new round of financials from the publicly-held job boards and some VC money going into the market. Let's take a look: Work4 nabs some serious cash:Work4, the Facebook-oriented recruiting platform, has picked up $7 million in Series B funding. It is also now integrated with Twitter [...]

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Winter is fading (kind of) and plenty has happened during the past month and a half. So pull out your t-shirts and sandals, and let's take a look at the latest in the online recruiting and job board world!: Surprise! Facebook is going after LinkedIn's advertisers: Facebook is planning to allow advertisers to start targeting users [...]

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2013: the job board year in review

So another year has come and gone. Amazingly enough, job boards aren't dead (but if you feel the urge to write about it anyway, here's a handy guide). There's been a surprising amount of activity in this relatively mature industry, including lots of new companies, funding, acquisitions, and mergers. Don't believe me? Keep reading: January [...]

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The first hints of fall are in the air - unless you live in south Texas or Florida, that is. The world of online recruiting, however, has not taken either a summer or fall break. LinkedIn in particular seems to be having exciting times. So without further blather, here is your latest installment of what's [...]

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A new resource added to Job Board Doctor

One of my goals at Job Board Doctor is to provide resources for job boards. My first attempt was the listing of job board software (which has been updated many times!). I also hope that my blog posts serve this function - at least some of the time. But I've also know that there are many other types of [...]

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Thinking about social stuff and job search

So perhaps you saw that LinkedIn has updated/upgraded its job search functionality? They sent me an email inviting me to give it a whirl, so I did - and it got me to thinking about social stuff and job search. First, LinkedIn: the job search is nice, and it's something that they should have done [...]

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It's been a while since I looked at the newest crop of recruitment and job board sites, so I thought that we could take a trip down StartUpLane and see what we discover: TalentSprocket: It bills itself as 'the first machine learning system for erecruiting ' - in other words, it tries to automate and improve [...]

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Hey, it's a new year, which means - well, I don't know! But some stuff did happen in the past 30-40 days, so let's take a look at how the industry is faring: Quora and LinkedIn integrate: In a StackOverflow-like move, LinkedIn users now have the ability to link their Quora account to their profiles, [...]

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