2014 Aggregator Usage survey

Take the 2014 Aggregator Usage Survey!

Almost everyone in the job board industry either uses aggregators - or has in the past. It's just a fact of job board life. But recent developments (LinkedIn and Monster aggregating job postings) and the ascension of Indeed to the #1 job board spot got me thinking: how are job boards really using aggregators now? And which [...]

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Hey folks! It's summer! Laying back, sipping a cool drink, going barefoot. But apparently in our industry, summertime means 'deal time'. Check out the acquisitions and funding action below. My head is spinning. I think I need a vacation!: LinkedIn can't stay out of court: LinkedIn must face a lawsuit claiming the company violated customers’ privacy [...]

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Number-fied: what I learned at the JobG8 summit

There is just nothing like late June in Orlando (unless perhaps you prefer mid-July): 95% humidity, temperatures hovering in the low 90s, and drenching thunderstorms with sheet lightning. Oh, and don't forget the tourists! So I was initially not so excited when I learned that the JobG8 Summit followed SHRM - in Orlando, in late [...]

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Monstrous! – Can Monster pull it off?

Once, in a world far, far away (i.e., the 1990s), Monster beat its chest and claimed to be the biggest and best source for online jobs in the world, bar none. Then, last week, Monster - diminished, no longer for sale, and facing significant declines in revenue - once again beat its chest and said [...]

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Some interesting developments over the past month, including a new round of financials from the publicly-held job boards and some VC money going into the market. Let's take a look: Work4 nabs some serious cash:Work4, the Facebook-oriented recruiting platform, has picked up $7 million in Series B funding. It is also now integrated with Twitter [...]

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Big change is so sudden. Remember how LinkedIn came out of nowhere and revolutionized the recruiting industry? Oh right – they started in 2004. Well, how about Indeed and the rush to PPC? Oops – they launched in 2005. Maybe big change isn't that sudden after all. Maybe disruption is overrated. Maybe innovation happens around [...]

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Pay for performance: is it in your future?

Since I began working in the job board industry in 1997, I've heard many discussions about pay for performance {PFP} (as opposed to pay to post or pay to access resumes). At one point, CareerBuilder launched a PFP service, but over time it disappeared. In fact, the only companies that have succeeded with PFP have [...]

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Webinar on the way: Job Board Judo

Hey everyone - I will be conducting a webinar next week (courtesy of Job Board Digest and Madgex) called 'Job Board Judo'. (Ironically enough, I used to do Tae Kwan Do - but that's another story). I will be talking about how you can compete successfully in the current complex online recruiting market. I will [...]

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The first hints of fall are in the air - unless you live in south Texas or Florida, that is. The world of online recruiting, however, has not taken either a summer or fall break. LinkedIn in particular seems to be having exciting times. So without further blather, here is your latest installment of what's [...]

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A new resource added to Job Board Doctor

One of my goals at Job Board Doctor is to provide resources for job boards. My first attempt was the listing of job board software (which has been updated many times!). I also hope that my blog posts serve this function - at least some of the time. But I've also know that there are many other types of [...]

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