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News wanders across my desk (well, my monitor) on occasion that doesn't really fit into a standard 'themed' blog post - just random things that may or may not have any impact on our industry. Still, I find them interesting - and you may, too. So without additional preamble, and in no particular order, here are [...]

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What's going on in the job board and online recruiting industry? Well, a lot, actually. It's almost like no one takes a vacation around here (including the JobBoardDoctor). Nonetheless - let's take a look-see at the latest and greatest: lands some cash:, a French job board/recruiting agency hybrid, has gotten $2.2M in new funding. [...]

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Take the Zombie Job Board Test!!!

A few years back during the deep, dark recession, a few articles appeared about zombie job boards (not to mention jobs for zombies). These sites staggered forward despite a lack of traffic, audience, or employers, refusing to die, filling the internet with aggregated jobs. Nothing seemed to kill them. Not even lack of business. Jump [...]

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It's that time again - time to take a look at what's going on in the global world of job boards. And I do mean global - as you'll see, much of the activity has been happening outside of North America. Let's get started: JobAndTalent lands some big money: Recruitment startup Jobandtalent, which uses linguistic analysis to alert [...]

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There ought to be a law against holding conferences in Atlanta in late June - or at least, if you're going to do so, let's have everyone run at half-speed, ok? Free BBQ would be good, too. But in fact, the JobG8 Job Board Summit managed to push through the heat and humidity, and in [...]

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You know it's always sunny in San Diego - except when IAEWS is in town. The sun finally peeked out on Sunday (pun intended) but I suspect the locals were more than happy for some grey and drizzle. Besides, we weren't there for the weather, right? It was all about the recruiters. The conference theme was [...]

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The results of the 2015 Job Board Trends Survey are now available. This survey, a coproduction of IAEWS and JobBoardDoctor, was taken by 197 job board owners, operators, and employees around the globe from November 2014 through January 2015. As with last year's survey, we asked about all aspects of the job board business - [...]

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We're already into 2015, and as you might guess, the job board and online recruiting industry is staying busy. Dice goes for billboards: In a back to the future moment, Dice is running 50 foot billboards in Silicon Valley featuring 'real' engineers in their underwear. “We wanted to make people smile when they were stuck in [...]

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Last week I put on my virtual job seeker hat to immerse myself in the current world of job search. It kinda sucked. Step 1: I picked a job title that I know fairly well - marketing director. Step 2: I started where most job seekers start - on a search engine (in my case, [...]

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FEAT“How Commercials Work”   Indeed UK - YouTube

Remember when LinkedIn used to say it wasn't a job board? Oh, wait - I guess they still do. Yet if you ask a room of HR professionals that question, the answer is crystal clear: "Of course LinkedIn is a job board!" Well, I would argue that Indeed is going through something similar. Launched in [...]

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